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Wood Finishes & Species

Our exclusive custom stains and finishes are hand wiped on every individual component.  This insures consistency and beauty.  Hand sanded sealer prepares all components for a catalyzed conversion varnish that provides exceptional beauty and durability.

We have the ability to match furniture and cabinets that already exists in the room being remodeled.

From natural to very deep dark hand wiped stains on our most common hardwoods, which include: Mapel, Birch, Cherry, Oak and Hickory.

We also have specialty woods that include Walnut, Mahogany, White Oak, Rustic Alder, Rustic Cherry and Rustic Mahogany.

Paint and Glazed Finishes

We offer multiple shades of whites and grays with the ability of matching any brand paint color upon request.

Paint Process:

We start with fine sanding of all surfaces, followed by the application of a high solids primer. Additionally, we lightly hand sand all components prior to an application of a high solids catalyzed conversion varnish.

Our glazed finishes are applied onto the painted surfaces, followed by a clear catalyzed spray finish.