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Getting Started

How to start a remodeling or new project can be overwhelming at times.  To get started, follow these basic steps to help you initiate your Cabinet and/or Counter Top project.

Begin with a phone call indicating that you are considering kitchen, bath or other room remodeling which will include cabinets and countertops.

After a few brief questions from one of our associates, an appointment will be made at our showroom with a designer.  We will ask you to bring in preliminary sketches, drawings with dimensions or scaled blue-prints.  Please allow 30 to 90 minutes for a free showroom consultation.

Double here for a sample draft paper. 

Visit our Showroom

At our showroom the designer will make copies of your sketches or prints.  These will be used to layout and plan cabinet and appliance locations with consideration to many details including traffic flow. work triangles, accessories and personal preferences.

Once the planning/layout stage is complete, our designers will review the options and provide advice to assist you in deciding on wood species, cabinet construction, door and drawer styles, finishes, countertops and more.  Since this is a complimentary service, any designs and drawings we prepare are not available for distribution at this time.

Other considerations that are critical to the overall project will also be discussed.  These typically include, tear-out and removal, working with electrical or plumbing subcontractors, time frames and budget considerations.

Estimate of Costs

Our designer will gather all the information and drafts prepared and discussed, to produce an estimate of materials, labor, and services for the project.  This estimate may be in a form of a simple phone call or an email or faxed estimate form.  Depending on the scope of the project this can take from 1 to 5 business days to produce.

Refine Details

Multiple meetings are sometimes necessary, as custom cabinetry has almost unlimited design and option possibilities.  After receiving an estimate, you may choose to come back to briefly review the draft plans as drawn at the 1st visit and to confirm unclear details.

Project go-ahead requires a commitment to work together.  At that time additional services are provided to ensure project success.  Field site inspections and detailed measurements are completed and scaled or computer aided drawings and perspectives are usually produced.

Additionally, signing of contracts, a receipt of the Purchasers Guide and a payment schedule are provided.

Our staff will offer assistance and advise you as to how the work flows with other subcontractors such as electricians, plumbers and other trades which are and integral part of the overall project.  We will be happy to provide referral resources for the additional trades that are typically needed on some projects.

Thank You and Good Luck with your project!