Rate Your Present Kitchen
 Click on all boxes below that apply, whether its a Yes or No.
Then print the form out for your future reference.
Storage System
Do your cabinets feature time saving accessories such as roll-out shelves, divided drawers and lazy susans? Yes No
Do your cabinets have adjustable shelves? Yes No
Is all the cabinet hardware in working order (hinges open, drawers glide out, etc.)? Yes No
Is there enough cabinet shelf space? Yes No
Do you have tall pantry storage in the kitchen? Yes No
Do you have a convenient storage spot for small, hand-held appliances? Yes No
Is all of the available wall and floor space used for organized storage? Yes No
Is the cabinet door style and color up-to-date? Yes No
Is the cabinet finish in good shape? Yes No
Is there a place to store recyclables? Yes No
Is there enough counter space? Yes No
Is the counter space located where you need it? Yes No
Is the counter material easy to clean? Yes No
Is the counter material undamaged and in good shape? YesNo
Is the counter color/pattern up-to-date? Yes No
Major Surfaces     
Is the floor material easy to clean? Yes No
Is the wall covering easy to clean? Yes No
Does the room look pretty to family members and guests? Yes No
Mechanical Elements    
Do you have task lighting above the countertop? Yes No
Is there an attractive light fixture in the eating area? Yes No
Are the light switches located where you need them? Yes No
Do you have enough electrical outlets? Yes No
Are the plumbing pipes free from leaks? Yes No
Is there a good ventilation system in the cooking area? Yes No
Do you like the shape of your sink? Yes No
Is the sink in good condition? Yes No
Based on the way you cook and the way your family uses the kitchen, is the sink conveniently located? Yes No
Do you have a food waste disposal? Yes No
Do you have a dishwasher? Yes No
Do you have a microwave oven, conveniently located? Yes No
Is your refrigerator/freezer large enough? Yes No
Based on the way you cook and the way your family uses the kitchen, is the refrigerator conveniently located? Yes No
Do all the elements/burners on your stove work properly? Yes No
Is the cooking surface easy to clean? Yes No
Based on the way you cook, are the oven and cooktop located where you want them? Yes No
Are the kitchen appliances a pleasant color that looks good in your kitchen? Yes No
Room Orientation     
Does the kitchen relate to adjacent rooms the way you would like? Yes No
Is the view from the kitchen to the outside where you would like it to be? Yes No
Is there a casual dining/conversation area in the room? Yes No
Is the kitchen arranged so that "People Traffic" is directed away from the cook's activities? Yes No

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