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    As society shifts its focus back towards the home, changes to the design and layout of our bathrooms also come.  Most bathrooms are considered cold and claustrophobic, where comfort is rarely considered and kept to a bare minimum. 
     Today bathrooms are being looked at as more than a necessity, with families incorporating such items as whirlpools, dual head showers, heat lamps, exercise equipment, and even entertainment centers, into their bathroom planning.

     Some of the things you may consider when planning your ideal bathroom may be:

Are girls or women going to be using the bathroom?
You may need more adequate circuits and outlets for hairdryers or curling irons, as well as better lighting for make-up application.

Will the bathroom be used by more than one person at the same time?
Privacy zones isolating the shower, tub, or toilet may be an option you may want to look at so the bathroom can be used simultaneously. 

Is the bathroom going to be used by elderly people, young children, or handicapped people?
Certain special options such as higher toilet seat, grab bars, or locking cabinets are practical items you may want to consider adding to your design. 

     Modern Counter Tops & Cabinets, Inc. will assist you in considering all your options and help you design a bathroom that not only is comfortable to your family, but practical for your needs.    To assist you in planning your new bathroom, we have a Bathroom Checklist and worksheet below that might help guide you.  Click on the form below to view it.

Bathroom Checklist and Worksheet

     We hope you find these to be useful in helping you plan your new bathroom.  If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us at:

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